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A brief call so you do not have time win: this is what is called a "ping call". This scam is not new but it is growing
A phone call with one ring that leaves no time win, we all received. then we may be tempted to recall. Now it's a scam called "ping call" the originally number of the missed call is overtaxed. A platform for reporting these numbers

Several clues can avoid falling into the trap.
"If a caller really trying to reach you, it will remind or leave a message on your answering machine." Therefore, if you receive a call so fast that you do not have time to drop the part of "a number you do not know and that does not leave message, do not remember any reason. While the number seems normal.

With you have the ability to locate the phone calls. We provide you as much information about the locations of it. Information such as the city, the telephone network used will be supplied.

Every day many comments from the community helps you identified a few more thousands of numbers.

Using our new system to identify calls from countries around the world.

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Easily find incoming calls with City, Operator, type of phone that will be sent to you.

We will also give you an estimate of the risk ( Spam - Scam - Ping call ) Of this number.

Ping Call, Spam and Scam

Trust the community to identify your suspect phone calls.

Ping Call

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828 962 4324 See

1 comments   Call :No vote     Spam number :100%
, 2017-09-17 09:23:53

Thank you for your information on this issue that did not stop calling me at night....

303 371 0310 See

1 comments   Call :No vote     Ping call number :100%
, 2017-09-17 07:23:17

Number that has called me a dozen times for a week, without speaking and hanging up immediately....

650 834 4812 See

1 comments   Call :No vote     Scam number :100%
, 2017-09-17 13:22:33

Commercial number of a tile vendor...

786 397 7681 See

1 comments   Call :Ping call     Scam number :100%
, 2017-09-17 08:51:06

The number offers me to pay a sums of money in order to participate in a contest to win the next Iphone .....

301 546 9090 See

1 comments   Call :Ping call     Ping Call :non noté
, 2017-09-17 08:51:06

The number offers me to pay a sums of money in order to participate in a contest to win the next Iphone .....

214 748 3647 See

1 comments   Call :No vote     Ping Call :non noté
, 2017-09-17 08:50:11

I think this number is a number of canvassing for a company ......

201 207 4040 See

1 comments   Call :No vote     Safe number :100%
, 2017-09-17 08:48:54

This number called me 8 times in the night without leaving a message ......

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